Monday, August 17, 2009

Jija: 'I fell off a two-story building during filming'

Making action films in Thailand can be dangerous. In Chocolate for example, star Jija Yanin took a sock to an eye, and a stuntman fell off a building and had to be hospitalized. Of course it's all caught on film and used as part of the "no wires, no stunt doubles, no CGI" sales pitch.

In her latest movie, Jija Deu Suay Du, Jija fell off a building. She talks about the experience in the latest BK magazine:

I’m scared of heights but I usually end up having to jump off or fight on high places. In Deu Suay Du, I had to fight on a shaky wooden bridge. It was hard enough just to walk on it without falling off. But I had to do a fight scene. It was really challenging and stressful.

I fell off a two-story building during filming. I banged my head and I blacked out for a while. I was taken to a hospital for an X-ray and an MRI scan. That night I couldn’t sleep because of a terrible headache. But the next day I just had to get back to work.

What a trooper! She deserves some time off for bakery hunting. Read the whole interview for more from the 25-year-old action heroine.


  1. damn man.
    She should stop doing this stunts man.
    I mean all for fame and sales!?

    I mean some stunts TOny Jaa did were acceptable. But what she's doing is just putting her life at risk.

    I haven't seen Born to Fight yet, but there was a dangerous scene with a car phase scene. Some guy got knocked off the car and he barely rolled under a truck O_o.

    Thailand must be mad:P

  2. I don't look for Jija to stop doing stunts any time soon. She and the other actors and stuntmen for Baa Ram Ewe/Sahamongkol are training all the time and stay in peak physical condition so they can bounce back quickly from any injuries. Stunts are rehearsed, but sometimes things go wrong.

    Born to Fight is insane. The opening truck chase scene with a stunt guy jumping off a trailer between two moving semi trucks was rehearsed and mapped out, yet on the take used in the movie, the guy bounced a different way and the trailer's wheel barely missed smashing his head. There are other close calls that are in the extras reel that's a special feature. The UK DVD from Momentum or the US DVD from Dragon Dynasty are well worth having if you're into action, especially the crazy action of Panna Rittikrai.


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