Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thai romance being filmed in South Korea

There's a craze for all things Korean in Thailand, with young Thai people listening to South Korean pop groups, watching Korean movies, eating Korean food and adopting Korean fashions. There's even Nichkhun, the Thai member of the Korean boyband 2PM, who's probably the most popular Thai celebrity there is right now.

So it makes sense that a Thai movie would be made in Korea.

The Korea Herald and Korea Times both recently detailed plans for the romance As It Happens starring Shutter actress "Jaa" Natthaweeranuch Thongmee and actor Navin Yaowapolkul.

According to the stories, the four-day shoot beginning Friday would take in the Seoul N-Tower, the Gonjiam Resort in Suwon, the Wawoo Temple in Gyeonggi Province, the Seven Luck Casino Seoul, the Myeong-dong shopping district and a ferry on the Han River. Here's more from the Herald:

I'm so happy that Korea was selected as one of our filming locations. I really like it there and have been many times in the past and even volunteered to host a Hallyu event," Natthaweeranuch recently told Thai media.

The film's plot revolves around a romance that develops between the two leads when they have a string of chance encounters while traveling in Korea.

The production also looks to shore up interest in the country as a potential destination for Thai tourists.

"Starting from the pre-production phase the film received numerous offers from Japan and China that presented the filmmakers with location opportunities in their country but because of the immense popularity and presence of Korean entertainment in Thailand, the producers decided to choose Korea to bolster their film's profile," said the Asia-Oceania regional chief of the Korea Tourism Board, Jeon Hyo-sik, adding "this will also be a great opportunity for us to attract tourists from Southeast Asia ahead of the peak winter season."

The director is Udom Udomroj and the Thai title is transliterated as Bang-ngern Rak Mai Sinsud. I haven't found out what studio is producing it.

(Via Bangkok 1080)

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