Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar outguns, but Yam Yasothon 2 has a popcorn set

James Cameron's beautiful/ugly eco-military sci-fi adventure Avatar was the top movie in Thailand last weekend. Which I suppose is not surprising, given that it was the only movie that was released.

According to the chart at Nang Dee, Avatar earned 53 million baht, which chips in toward the film's US$285 million worldwide gross.

Yam Yasothon 2, which had topped the box office the previous two weekends, was a distant second, followed by the romance omnibus Pai in Love, the Milla Jovovich alien-abduction thriller The Fourth Kind, in, appropriately, fourth place, and China's 60th anniversary epic The Founding of a Republic in fifth.

But Yam Yasothon 2 is still tops in one category -- it has a cool popcorn set at Major Cineplex. For 159 baht, you get a big movie-logo festooned bucket o' corn and giant cup of fizzy sugar liquid, topped by a bobblehead mustachioed, gun-totin', safari-helmet-clad Mum Jokmok. He looks a bit spooky actually. Though no weirder I suppose than a 10-foot-tall blue-skinned alien with a braid of hair that can electrically plug in to beasts of burden.

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