Monday, December 28, 2009

Phobia 2 on DVD

One of Thailand's best films this year, the horror anthology Phobia 2 is out on DVD.

The Thai version has all kinds of extras including an attractive steelbook edition that has cast and crew commentary, outtakes and extended and deleted scenes. But of course there are no English subtitles. So who cares, right?

But, despite the dogged efforts by Thai studios to crack down on consumers outside Thailand who who buy their films, some Thai movies are still leaking through to DVD with English subtitles.

So get them while you still can.

Phobia 2 has already been released in Singapore, where MovieXclusive has it, and the Hong Kong release is coming up on New Year's Eve.

A followup to GTH's 2008 hit four-part anthology 4bia, Phobia 2 has five segments from GTH exec Visute Poolvoralaks, Paween Purijitpunya (Body #19), Songyos Sugmaknan (Dorm), Parkpoom Wongpoom and Bunjong Pisunthanakul (Shutter, Alone).

Consider it a belated Christmas present or New Year's gift from the purveyors of Thai horror at GTH.

(Thanks Logboy!)


  1. Hehehe.... didn't take me long to sniff this one out too. It's already on order for lil' ol' me to enjoy! God bless Singapore!

    Where would all we non-Thai movie fans get our fix without them?

    Nice to see you spreading the good news, Kwai!

    (Psssst!! And if you hadn't heard, is listing the Malay release of "My Ex" as available subtitled into English as well....Yay!!)

  2. I should be excited about this. But I'm not. Recently, my uncle gave me a DVD player that is ostensibly Region Free NTSC/PAL. It plays one Region 2 PAL DVD I bought as well as a Region 3 PAL DVD. But just this week, I got the Hong Kong version of "Coming Soon", Region 3 NTSC and it said my player was the wrong region.

    Now I'm afraid to buy region coded stuff...again.

  3. Can't wait for the DVD, I'll buy it as soon as possible.

  4. Got it in the mail yesterday... it was pretty good overall and the Singapore disc was sufficient but with one quirk.

    The English subtitles, though excellent, are hard subbed directly onto the film while the Chinese one are selectable on/off.... a minor quibble as I need the English subs anyway, but probably an unecessary annoyance for anybody wanting to use just the chinese ones.

    Didn't expect that... given how easy selectable subs are to add on a DVD....just thought I'd add this lil' bit of info for those interested.

  5. Thanks Catgirl! I'm thinking about going for the Hong Kong DVD. Just need to get the credit card out and place my order.

  6. Also got my DVD yesterday. I did notice that the English subs are directly on the film. Another problem I have is that the chapter select is not divided by the individual short stories. This probably isn't a problem for anybody who wants to sit through the whole thing, but if I ever wanted to just watch 1 or 2 parts of it, it can be a little troublesome.

    The DVD does come with special behind-the-scenes discussions by the directors and cast though, which is nice. Thanks for the recommendation for Moviexclusive though. This was my first purchase from them and their service was really good.

    I've only sat through 3 of the 5 so far (In The End, Backpackers, Novice), but so far I'm really enjoying it.

  7. Just got my Hong Kong disc. It has Thai and Chinese soundtracks and removable Thai, Chinese and English subtitles, clear and easily readable.

    Extras consist of behind-the-scenes footage for Novice, In the End, Backpackers and Salvage (misspelled as "savage"). These are B-rolls and special-effects rough cuts with no commentary. There is also the trailer.

    Box says it is NTSC, Region 3, but I was unable to check that for sure.


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