Friday, December 18, 2009

Mum's the word at the box office

Yam Yasothon 2 has been the top film at the Thai box office for the past two weeks, topping such Hollywood behemoths as 2012 and New Moon.

Its opening weekend from December 3-6, Yam Yasothon 2 earned a not-too-shabby 38.5 million baht, dwarfing that week's take by 2012, which earned 6.9 million baht in its fourth week of release. That's according to the chart on

Mum Jokmok's colorful country comedy remained on top last weekend, earning 14.5 million baht for a 69 million baht overall take.

At No. 2 in December 10's crop was another Thai film, the romance anthology Pai in Love, earning 7.9 million baht.

Aside from 2012, New Moon and Disney's A Christmas Carol, the Hollywood and foreign releases haven't made much of a showing. Ninja Assassin debuted in third place on November 26 and dropped to fifth the following week. The low-budget viral horror sensation Paranormal Activity, also released on November 26, debuted in fifth place.

Other releases, such as The Road, Whip It and Julie and Julia, might have made a bigger impact if they had been given a wider release than just the handful of screens they are on.

This weekend, of course, belongs solely to James Cameron's Avatar. It's the only film being released. Will it knock off Yam Yasothon 2?

Now that negative reviews are rolling in, saying that Yam Yasothon 2 isn't actually all that funny, maybe crowds will go for the color blue. Then again, it's not like they have much of a choice.

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