Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yam Yasothon 2 premieres with a temple fair

Yam Yasothon 2 had its premiere on Monday night at Bangkok's CentralWorld shopping center, and it was a gala -- Isaan style.

Instead of having the pre-screening functions held indoors, they were moved outside, where an old-timey temple fair was set up, complete with carnival-style games. With beer gardens nearby in the outdoor plaza, it made for a festive atmosphere.

Entertainment was provided by Mum Jokmok, and the cast of Yam Yasothon 2, including Anuwat Tarapan, Janet Khiaw, Mum's daughter Busakarem Wongkumlao and son Phathay Wongkumlao.

Others hanging around were the usual Sahamongkol crowd -- among them producer Prachya Pinkaew.

Games included a dunk tank, with a young woman looking none too pleased to be put in the repeatedly in the drink by fastball-throwing pitchers. There was also a target range, where aunties were lining up to take aim and try and win prizes.

The biggest attraction was, of course, the food booth, which featured such Isaan delicacies as somtum and savory grilled chicken. After all, most of the invitees for the premiere were hard-working journalists, movie critics, public-relations people and film professionals -- folks who'll fast for a day if they know there's a free meal to be had later.

The movie's a blast and I'll have a review up in the next day or so, after it hits the page in The Nation's new "xp" section.

In the meantime, here's a music video from the movie by rockers the Richman Toy, featuring Mum on vocals.

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