Thursday, January 28, 2010

Berlin screening added for Reincarnate

After its premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Thunska Pansittivorakul's experimental gay romantic thriller Reincarnate will go to Berlin.

The screening is at 7pm on February 3 at ICI Berlin (Institute for Cultural Inquiry) along with Thunska's short films, Vous vous Sovien de moi? and Unseen Bangkok.

Gertjan Zuilhof, programmer of the IFFR, further describes Reincarnate.

A gay love story. A story in the form of a quest. Call it experimental, call it a mixture of documentary and fiction. A very personal film too. It is the director himself who shares his life and feelings with us.

Yet it is possibly primarily a political film. The film resists a new law in Thailand that which is going a step further than censorship. Showing certain things (for instance sexual actions) is not only banned, but is also a criminal offence.

For a filmmaker who feels the need to focus on physical passion in his films, there is then a problem. Thunska argues that he would have to give up filmmaking if he could not follow his (artistic and sexual) motivations. A public screening in a cinema in Thailand is out of the question for this film. The filmmaker would be arrested. It's ironic that the filmmaker was given the national Silpathorn Award by a previous government as being an important Thai artist.

More on this later.

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