Monday, January 11, 2010

A new star for Best Supporting Actor

A second-generation star makes his debut in Yaak Dai Yin Wah Rak Kan (อยากได้ยินว่ารักกัน or literally "I want to hear that you love me"). The English title is Best Supporting Actor.

It's the first film for young "Guy" Nawapon Lumphoon, the son of a former celebrity couple, singer-actress Marsha Wattanapanich and singer-actor "Nui" Ampol Lumphoon.

The romantic comedy-drama is about two childhood friends, Song (Thongpoom Siriphiphat), who was always in the shadow of his better-looking, more-popular friend Gao (Guy). Song eventually breaks away and tries doing his own thing, but is going nowhere. His life brightens with he meets a young woman (Rujihas Korkiat), who's heartbroken over her old boyfriend. Can you guess who that was?

Also making his film debut is Tul Waitoonkiat, the witty singer and songwriter of the popular Bangkok alternative rock band Apartmentkhunpa. He plays the film's comic relief as the owner of a record shop.

It's the second feature by "Book" Alongod Uabhaibool. He directed a fantasy in 2003 called Koo Tae Patihan, The Whistle.

it's a joint effort of M Pictures, the Major Cineplex-affiliated distribution company that is breaking into production, graphics firm Doctor Head -- famous for movie posters around Thailand -- and production company NGR.

The trailer is at YouTube and it's embedded below.

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