Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 10 Thai films of the 2000s podcast

I have flirted with the idea of broadcasting for nearly my entire life, but have not had the chance to sit in front of a mic until Sunday.

So now you can hear me ramble on for more than an hour about my list of the top 10 Thai films of the 2000s.

I recorded a podcast for Changkui in English with host Passakorn Hongsyok. It's part of the ever-expanding media empire of Changkui.com, which has podcasts and videocasts on various topics.

I think all I succeeded in doing is butchering the pronunciation of film titles and people's names, but luckily Rikker from Thai 101 was there to correct me and help keep the conversation on track.

The MP3 file is now online or you can subscribe through iTunes.

It was fun and if there's a favorable response, we might do it again.


  1. Hi Wise Kwai - really enjoyed listening to that. My choices would probably have been a little different - including Beautiful Boxer and Baytong I think but can't argue against any of the films you list that I have seen. Hope you do something like this again.


  2. Wisekwai,

    I really enjoyed this 1h20mn discussion about Thai cinema. It was good to have the Thai view of Changkhui on movies from ChatriChalerm Yukol. As the end, there was a comment on Halloween movies series which is way ahead from Buppha Rahtree on the number of sequels. If you take into account Baan Phi Pop (บ้านผีปอบ) or Mae Nak numerous sequels, they outpass Halloween movies series in number. Hope to hear you in more podcasts.

  3. I enjoyed listening to that. I'd listen to another one if you guys decided to get together again.

    You and Rikker were talking about the international appeal of Ong Bak. Not sure if it interests you but I went to my local video store (adelaide, australia) and picked up the sequel. I had seen it there about a month back and I think they might have sold some copies off but they still had five copies on the shelf today.

    I'd guess that that's quite a lot for a Blockbuster, especially one that puts all it's foreign films in its 'arthouse' section.


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