Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Thai high-school musical glee club

Appearing to imitate Disney's successful High School Musical franchise and the award-winning TV series Glee -- neither of which I have watched (I'm more of a Dr. Horrible kind of guy) -- Chalat Sriwanna directs After School, a musical about high schoolers who achieve fame with their rock band. They break into song-and-dance routines and fall in and out of love.

The cast is headed by the busy Apinya Sakuljaroensuk -- also in theatres in 32 Thunwa -- with Atiwit “Kirin” Iamyodsib, Nattapong Chartpong (one of the comic foursome from 4bia and Phobia 2), model Arisara Tongborisut, Pornrawi Anantakun and French-Thai model-actor Louis Hess D'Alzon.

After School (After School วิ่งสู่ฝัน, After School Wing Soo Fun) also stars the classic red Chevy convertible that was used in a game of chicken in Ahimsa: Stop to Run. They didn't crash it after all.

The trailer is at YouTube or you can watch it below. After School opens in Thai cinemas this week.


  1. Oh dear God, no.... not Thailand too.

    Isn't anywhere immune to the virus of "High School Musical"? I can't beleive that Thailand needs this sort of movie.....

    (Well.... at least they won't subtitle the DVD when it gets released...... Hehehehe!!)

  2. Yeah well the diff. is High School Musical and Glee stars can actually sing. They are theater actors and not just pretty faced models who try to "sing".

    Sigh.. I'm a big fan of GLEE, when I saw the trailer, I just wanted to choke myself.


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