Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ong-Bak 2 not so big in Japan

Ong-Bak 2 opened in Japan on January 9, where Jason Gray reports it is called Mach (Mahha) 2 (Ni) (マッハ!弐) and has a wild poster that makes it look as if Tony Jaa is leaping over an Egyptian pyramid.

In Japan, Jaa is battling the likes of Avatar, Up, Michael Jackson's This Is It, 2012 and Kamen Rider for a place on the box-office chart, and he's nowhere to be found, at least not in the top 10.

It's being distributed by Klockworx. Jason, who enjoyed Ong-Bak 2 when it was released in Thai cinemas, also muses about the rights for Ong-Bak 2 in Japan.


  1. that's because Japan are not into martial arts movies, they are into anime, samuria, hentai, ecchi, school girls, horror and low budget movies.
    so why should they be interested in this beastly martial art movie?

  2. Because it's cinema! Beautiful cinema, like Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Hidden Fortress or even Sonny Chiba in Street Fighter. Maybe Tony Jaa could expand his brand like Jackie Chan with an anime series? Of course I respect if he just isn't into that and wants a spiritual, non-material path.


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