Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mr. Pink and crew are back with more romance in My Valentine

Just in time to get people thinking about Valentine's Day, My Valentine (แล้วรัก ...ก็หมุนรอบตัวเรา, Laew Rak Kor Mun Rob Tua Rao) opens this week in Thai cinemas.

Produced by Five Star, it's by the same trio of directors who collaborated on last year's Before Valentine -- Songsak Mongkolthong (The Screen at Kamchanod), Pornchai "Mr. Pink" Hongrattanaporn (Bangkok Loco) and Seree Phongnithi (Ghost-in-Law, Art of the Devil).

It stars Mintita "Mint AF3" Wattanakul who's in a quandary about deciding which of three guys is perfect for her -- a fortysomething rich guy Mic (Wasu Sangsingkaew), a bad boy (Krit Sriphoomset) or a childhood friend (Suwikrom Amaranan).

It appears the singer-actress from the third season of the reality talent series Academy Fantasia has some comedy chops. What's funniest is one of the movie's posters. Whenever I look, I wonder what I ever did to Mint to make her flip me the bird. But then I realize it's her index fingers she's pointing with.

Though the story is not at all related to Before Valentine, My Valentine looks to have much of the same style and production design, with Mr. Pink's inventively funny visual tricks very much in evidence. Have a look at the trailer, embedded below.

Oh, and this reminds me. Did anybody catch Mr. Pink playing a prisoner in Slice? It was a dark turn for a man whose nickname is so bright and cheery.

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