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Review: My Valentine

  • Directed by Songsak Mongkolthong, Pornchai "Mr. Pink" Hongrattanaporn, Seree Phongnithi
  • Starring Mintada Wattanakul, Wasu Sangsingkaew, Krit Sriphoomset, Suwikrom Amaranan
  • Released in Thai cinemas on February 4, 2010; rated 15+
  • Wise Kwai's rating: 3/5

Light almost to the point of being forgettable, the portmanteau romance My Valentine is kept pumping by a cartoonish energy and the wild smile of leading lady Mintada "Mint AF3" Wattanakul as she flits from man to man in three different segments.

If the chemistry of Mint with one of her fellas isn't working for you, don't fret, because it will be over soon enough, and she'll be on to the next one.

Produced by Five Star, My Valentine (แล้วรัก ...ก็หมุนรอบตัวเรา, Laew Rak Kor Mun Rob Tua Rao) is directed by the same trio that did last year's cotton-candy colored romance anthology, Before Valentine: Pornchai "Mr. Pink" Hongrattanaporn (Bangkok Loco), Seree Phongnithi (Ghost-in-Law, Art of the Devil) and Songsak Mongkolthong (The Screen at Kamchanod), who also co-scripted.

As with Mr. Pink's previous projects, the opening credits are done in an energetic sequence that is part of the narrative, with names cleverly appearing on various objects. Mint and her co-worker friends are waking up late to work and have to rush, and they run through a film set outside their apartment building, and so the three directors aren't just names on the screen, they are actually in the credits, as are the other members of the crew.

The action in each segment begins on Valentine's Day, and they each start the same way -- with the bickering married couple from Before Valentine, florists Hia (Jaturong Mokjok) and Jae (Warapun Nguitragool Saptana-udom), driving a truckload of roses onto the expressway. They are so caught up in their spirited discussion, they almost rear-end another vehicle. Mint's character then has to pull an emergency manuever to avoid hitting the rose truck. She can either come to a screeching halt or swerve left or right, and reset the story.

Mind (or Mild as the subtitles state) is first rear-ended by a fortysomething guy named Mick ("Jeeb" Wasu Sangsingkaew) in a black Lamborgini (at least I think it's a Lambo), and she keeps running into the man in her travels through the city while selling insurance.

In one scene, she is so persistent in trying to sell insurance to an elderly Chinese man doing his meditation exercises in the park, that she gives the guy a heart attack, and then Mick is there wearing an angel outfit to help out.

She later spots Mike using a payphone, and he has the gall to ask her for change so he can continue his call -- not sure why his mobile wasn't working, but whatever. Mind then has to trek across town to collect the 32 baht from Mick, and somehow that turns into a relationship.

Mick is actually quite wealthy and spends all his time running various charities. While a guy with a sportscar and tons of money might make him a dream man for many women, he's so busy, he never has time for Mind. So their story is about the outlandish ways he has to try and make up for that and somehow make the relationship work.

The chemistry isn't really there, but not to worry, because the story is soon back at the expressway ramp to go in a different direction.

Mind next meets Art (Krit Sriphoomset from Dangerous Flowers), a guy about her twentysomething age, who's fun to be around. But he's also extremely rude. This is probably the most entertaining segment to watch, just to see
Art dish out the abuse and see how Mind reacts. Art works as an animator, and there is a lively animated videogame sequence here, which really boosts the intensity.

It's this middle segment that seems to take a cue from the comedy portions of GTH's Phobia (Phrang) horror portmanteaus, and have a character who's intent on satirising other movies. Here, Art lets loose with the spoilers of Five Star's own films. So if you haven't seen Before Valentine or Slice, maybe skip this one.

Finally, Mind meets an old college friend, Gong ("Per" Suwikrom Amaranan). He's actually working in the expressway toll booth, and Mind drives off while he's trying to get her attention, and breaks his arm. Despite his injuries, he's a gentle, warm and caring guy who seems able to make friends with just about anyone he meets. He seems too perfect, however, and harbors a bit of sadness.

This romantic comedy seems to be marketed on the premise that Mind has a choice of the three men, but I can't recall if it actually comes down to that. Rose petals fly into the air in a beautiful stylized CGI storm, and perhaps the choice is left up the audience.

There is more sweetness during the end credits as real couples are interviewed about how they met. So perhaps the message is, go find yourself your own perfect mate.

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