Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ong-Bak 2 sets Blu-ray sales record

The Blu-ray of Ong-Bak 2 has done well since being released in the U.S., charting at No. 6 for the week ending February 7 and managing a record 43% Blu-ray market share, according to, which bases its report on figures from Home Media Magazine and Neilson Videoscan First Alert.

I am assuming the "record" is for new-released Blu-ray titles. Anybody know for sure? Let me know.

There are lots of reviews of Ong-Bak 2 rolling in.

High-Def Digest has one, noting it is a "brilliantly choreographed slugfest" and praising the cinematography and direction of Tony Jaa and Panna Rittikrai, but also looking at the technical aspects of the BRD, which has "extremely sub-par video and ... slightly disappointing audio".

Another review is at DVD Talk, which says that included on the Blu-ray is the "Alternate Cut", which is "essentially a European re-edit of the film, from Luc Besson's company EuropaCorp. The differences between the Theatrical Cut (97:50) and the Alternate Cut (88:27) boil down to a streamlining of the action beats to best appeal to casual audiences."

Blogcritics has a dual review of Ong-Bak 2: The Beginning and the Blu-ray of Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, which was released on February 2, the same day as Ong-Bak 2.

Finally, there's Kung Fu Cinema, which goes old school and reviews the DVD of Ong-Bak 2, noting that the two-disc "Collector's Edition" has all the same features as the Blu-ray, except, of course, the high resolution.

Here's the extras:

  • The Making of Ong-Bak 2: The Story and Characters of an Epic (7 min.)
  • The Making of Ong-Bak 2: Revealing the Majesty (7 min.)
  • The Making of Ong Bak: The Art of War (7 min.)
  • Behind the Scenes: Capturing a Warrior (5:00 min.)
  • Behind the Scenes: The Kingdom (6 min.)
  • Behind the Scenes: The Community (7 min.)
  • Interviews with Cast and Crew (25 min.)
  • HDNet: A Look at ONG BAK 2 (3 min.)
  • Ong Bak 3 – Exclusive Footage (2 min.)
  • International and U.S. trailers for Ong-Bak 2
  • High-def trailers for Red Cliff, District 13: Ultimatum, Bronson and The Warlords

Makes me want to get into Blu-ray. Anybody in Thailand with recommendations on where to shop or what whether I can expect region-coding hassles if I shop locally?

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