Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yuthlert lines up The Cult Maker, Bangkok Kung Fu at Film R Us

Yuthlert Sippapak is among the "outside producers" working with entertainment conglomerate RS Public's new Film R Us production company.

He says he has two projects lined up. Actually three.

First he'll be take part in Sam Yan, which is a collaboration with two other directors.

Next will be The Cult Maker, a documentary featuring Yuthlert's Killer Tattoo star, veteran comedian Thep Po-ngam. Plans are to start production in June.

Next will be something called Bangkok Kung Fu, likely due out before the end of the year.

The deals with RS, producers of his debut Killer Tattoo, come as the busy Yuthlert has his Killers Trilogy in production for Phranakorn. Yuthlert says he's going to star on Sam Yan and The Cult Maker before moving on Saturday Killers. Part three of the Killers Trilogy, Sunday Killers, will be pushed to next year, after Bangkok Kung Fu wraps.

Update: More details on Sam Yan.

(Thanks Kh. Tom!)


  1. I was just emailing with Yuthlert and he says he's working on Bangkok Kung Fu right now.

  2. Yeah, we should be hearing more about Bangkok Kung Fu soon. They had to replace one of the actors after he became embroiled in a paternity scandal.

    And Yuthlert's Friday Killers over at Phranakorn is going to be coming out soon too.


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