Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bangkok author's detective novels optioned by Keanu

Bangkok-based novelist Christopher G. Moore has had his series of Vincent Calvino detective novels optioned for film production by Keanu Reeves and Michael Clayton producer Steve Samuels.

The writer of 21 novels, Moore is one of the most recognized of the Bangkok noir authors. His Calvino novels, of which there are nine, fictionalize the underworld of Bangkok's night-time haunts, foreigners living on the edge and, of course, murder. The first book in the Calvino series, Spirit House, has been picked up for publishing in the US and the UK, and his books have been published in many languages.

Jim Pollard, writing for the Daily Xpress, caught up with Moore to talk about the possibilities of Keanu playing Calvino.

Currently, he's finishing novel number 21, Paying Back Jack, the tenth in the Calvino series, which is due out in December. He's also doing the storyline for novel 22.

Moore has lived off his savings and promoted his books cleverly. Covers were posted for a number of years on the walls of toilets at popular bars. Thousands of men enjoying go-go bars in Nana couldn't miss them while taking a pee.

"After 20 years I became an overnight wonder. The press has been fantastic - from the New York Times and down, the reviews have been very positive."

The thought of Keanu Reeves "to star as Calvino" is exciting, but Moore is measured in his comments -- well aware that many film projects don't get off the ground, or become box-office hits.

"They paid a large amount of money for the option. I think they're looking to do a franchise like the Bourne series with Matt Damon."

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