Monday, April 28, 2008

More Boonchu on the way

Not only has Five Star Production recently released the popular 1990s Boonchu film series on DVD, it is also making a seventh film in the series.

Put all Boonchu hoopla down to timing -- this year is the 20th anniversary of the series' first film. It spawned five sequels. Interestingly, and confusingly, the subsequent films are numbered Boonchu 2, Boonchu 5, Boonchu 6, Boonchu 7 and Boonchu 8. What happened to Boonchu 3 and 4? Well, they were never made! As a marketing gimmick, Five Star fast-forwarded from Boonchu 2 to Boonchu 5, skipping parts 3 and 4.

Perhaps someday they'll make Boonchu: The Missing Years, but not right now.

Boonchu 9 focuses on some new blood, the teenage children of Boonchu (Santisuk Promsiri) and his long-time sweetheart, Mo (Jintara Sukapat). Ploy's Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, currently starring in the Tit for Tat segment of See Phrang, plays a daughter and a fresh-faced young actor, Thanachart Tulyachat, plays the son, Boonchoke. The movie will follow the adventures of Boonchoke as he moves from upcountry to attend university in Bangkok, which was the premise of the original film.

Thanachart, a native of Khon Kaen, just like in the movie, is being tipped to be this year's teen heart-throb. The Daily Xpress has more:

"Thanachart looks naive and sincere, just like an upcountry lad," says producer Apiradee Iampungporn.

Director Bhandit Rittakol had initially approached teen idol Mario Maurer from The Love of Siam, but the young actor was tied up with other projects.

Bhandit, apparently recovered from a health scare, is back at work on the film, as are the classic screen couple of Jintara and Santisuk. Bhandit was the original director of the first films. Here's more from them:

"Comedy is timeless, and anyway, the scriptwriters will ensure we connect with the new generation," says the director.

"Unlike today's movies, 'Boonchu' is a clean comedy without rude words and bad behaviour. Audiences will leave theatres feeling good," says Jintara.

Boonchu 9 is due for release sometime in August.

(Photos courtesy of Five Star Production: Top, from left, Bhandit, Jintara and Santisuk; Thanachart is inset.)

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