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Yuthlert returns to romantic drama with The Last Moment

Yuthlert Sippapak is a director who has never been tied down to one genre. Within his films, there are elements of drama, romance, comedy, action and suspense, bouncing all over the place, making them a challenge to keep up with with.

On paper, they appear to be a recipe for disaster, but I have generally loved his films. Behind all the running around and screaming, there's real heart and perhaps even a purpose.

He raised eyebrows with his first film, 1999's Killer Tattoo, casting a crew of well-known comedians -- Thep Po-ngam, Petchatai Wongkamlao and Pongsak Pongsuwan -- in semi-serious roles as bumbling assassins.

He's done horror comedy with the two Buppha Rahtree films (the second of which remains lamentably unaccessible for the English-speaking world). And it was back to madcap comedy-action-drama with Sai Lor Fah (Pattaya Maniac), another overlooked gem that I wish would get an English-friendly release.

Internationally, he hasn't received as much recognition as other Thai directors in his peer group, such as Pen-ek Ratanaruang or Wisit Sasanatieng, though he's been more prolific. His Buppha Rahtree played at a midnight screening at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival, and the sequel won the award for best actor (actors actually, for the four comedians who starred) at the 2005 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

His Krasue Valentine in 2006 had elements of romantic drama, but was mainly horror (and comedy, of course). Then last year there was the Brokeback Mountain spoof Ghost Station, which I didn't see.

He hasn't down an all-out romantic weeper since his second film, February, back in 2003, which touched on themes of terminal illness and amnesia. Now he's back with The Last Moment (รัก/สาม/เศร้า), a love-triangle drama involving terminal illness. Here's the synopsis:

Does love even matter, if it is going to happen in the last moment of your life?

Payu - a musical lover who is unfortunate in love, he had always been dumped by his girlfriends. He secretly falls in love for his buddy -- Fah so much that he is willing to do about just anything for her. ANYTHING ... even to give his life to her, if that will help Fah to get better from her illness. The only regret he has is that he tells her his true feeling when it’s too late. There is not enough time for her to love him.

Fah -- a beautiful, rich, brutally direct, prom queen, a girl who has it all but somehow always gets hurt over and over again with her boyfriend who has been cheating on her for years. Fah finally is brave enough to let herself goes from this lousy relationship. When she has a very short time of her life left to spend. The only regret she has is that she should have listened to her best friend -- Nam who has tried to tell her that life is too short to waste on love that hurts her.

Nam -- a chic, smart, confident girl who loves and can sacrifice everything for her friend. Nam wants Fah to be as happy as she still can be. So Nam has never let Fah know that she actually has a feeling for Payu. Nam got raped and is pregnant, however, she would rather be a single mom than get help from her best friend -- Payu -- who is trying to help her out. He is willing to be a father of her baby. The only regret she has is she wishes that happiness could happen to their love triangle.

3 Best Friends vs A Love Triangle. What is more important between love and friendships?

The Last Moment is a story about love triangle of 3 best friends. Someone has to sacrifice. Even though this love is not going to last for a long time, yet it is not less beautiful than any other kinds of love. But surely this love will last eternally in their hearts.

Last doesn’t always mean the end, but it could also mean indefinitely.

The Last Moment is being released through GMM Tai Hub and opens in Thailand cinemas on June 25.

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