Friday, April 11, 2008

Jeeja profile

Jeeja is in Hong Kong, promoting the release of Chocolate. But this is, quite simply, all you need to know, from

Name: Yanin Vismitinanda

Birthday: 31/03/1984

Height: 162cm

Nickname: Jeeja

Religion: Buddhist

Special ability: Taekwando

Favorite movie: Mortal Combat, Always: Sunset on Third Street, The Godfather.

Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

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  1. Oh, i see, jeeja! you've been my most asian idol in thailand since i was younger. you are very pretty! you are the love of my life1 & i've always wanted to come to thailand & meet you! But i'm pretty sure you already know about the earthquake in japan & tsunami relief. Many japanese were killed in that quake & most of them are still alive & japanese & american military forces everyone around the world was helping them find bodies in rubbles of the quake. Many of them lost their loved ones & it sucks! & very, very sad. so i always pray upon to them in buddhist religon. So i hope the best for all of them. & i hope you pray for them too jeeja.


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