Monday, April 14, 2008

Thai-Taiwanese horror in The Fatality

Thai distributor Right Beyond is branching into film production in a joint effort with Taiwan's SkyFilms, The Fatality, a horror thriller directed by Tiwa Moeithaisong, who did The Sisters and Ghost Delivery (starring Ananda Everingham). Tiwa also worked on Poj Arnon's Bangkok Love Story as editor and cinematographer. The visuals in Bangkok Love Story were indeed slick, so I expect more of the same in The Fatality.

Kenji Wu and Pitchanart Sakhakorn star, and a quick look at the film's website reveals at least a couple more familiar faces: Somchai Sakdikul, who will hopefully bring his patented form of comic relief, and Ampon Rattanawong, who most memorably served as the monkey shaman in Buppha Rahtree.

Here is the synopsis,Via 24 Frames per Second:

An unsuccessful man in Taipei commits suicide, only to wake up in the body of a coma victim in Bangkok. His new life is almost perfect - he now has a stable job, a healthy body and a beautiful wife, but as the two souls fight for control of the body they start developing supernatural powers over life and death itself, leaving havoc in their wake.

Skyfilms, by the way, is also a distributor. They have been bringing Thai films to Taiwan, including Bangkok Love Story, Sick Nurses, 13 Beloved and Dynamite Warrior.

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(Via 24 Frames per Second)

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