Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tak's tactics

Knowing that the shelf life for leading actresses tends to be pretty limited, especially in Thailand's film industry, young starlet Bongkot "Tak" Kongmalai is wanting to get into producing films, according to local press reports.

Her first project is being described as an "erotic thriller" by Soopsip in the Daily Xpress. Here's more (article not currently on the website):

“I don’t want to invest a lot of money. It’ll be about 20 million baht for the production,” she says.

She’ll be the star, of course. The screenplay is finished and the shooting is to begin soon. Only problem is that Tak still needs a lead actor. She’s looking for a fair-skinned hunk, Indian or Nepalese, and he must be religious.

Tak is heading to Nepal to survey the location and search for Mr Right. If you’re on the streets of Kathmandu, it might be you.

Tak, 23, is currently starring in Theng's Angel (Tewada Ta Ja Teng), which she says is her first attempt at comedy. (Ai-Fak apparently wasn't supposed to be a comedy.)

She talked at length to BK magazine about many things, including her experience doing the film. She portrays a fantasy love interest opposite comedian Pongsak Pongsuwan. Here's an excerpt:

Tewada Ta Ja Teng is my first comedy film. It was fun; I didn’t prepare much for the role but I didn’t improvise either, unlike seasoned comedians. I tried it in my first scene and it didn’t work. I’m just not good at making jokes.

The movie is a comedy, I can’t deny that. However, I don’t want people to think, “Oh no. A comedy. Again.” I want them to simply ask themselves if it works, if it makes them laugh. Because I laughed non-stop.

I like the lead character of Tewada Ta Ja Teng the most. He is so innocent. He knows that some things are impossible, but he goes ahead and does them anyway.

If I had a guy like that hitting on me? I would be impressed, but I wouldn’t choose to be with him.

Tak made her big-screen debut at the age of 16, co-starring in Bang Rajan in 2000. She also appeared in Kun Pan: Legend of the Warlord in 2002.

Controversy erupted on the set of 2004's Ai-Fak when nude photos of her were posted on the webboards, and a guy was arrested by police. She didn't blame the accused uploader, though -- she wanted to know who snapped those photos in the first place and let them get off the set.

Internationally, Tak is perhaps best known for her mud-bath lap dance in Tom Yum Goong. (Did the Weinsteins leave that scene in The Protector?) Her other films include Hit Man File and 2006's stalker thriller, The Passion.

She courted more controversy last year, when a disagreement between her and Chai Lai director Poj Arnon came to light in a defamation suit filed against her by Poj. Seems she didn't have a very good time working on the set of Chai Lai and said some unkind things about the director. They settled out of court.

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