Friday, May 16, 2008

Trailer, posters for Yuthlert's Last Moment

Versatile director Yuthlert Sippapak returns to romantic drama with The Last Moment (Rak/Sam/Sao) about a love triangle that develops between three university friends.

Though the trailer is mostly dramatic, touching on the terminal illness of one of the characters, there's a bit of the comedy Yuthlert in it, when the guy turns on another guy while they are standing at the urinals in the toilet.

The Last Moment is due out on June 19.

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  1. Do you know when they started advertising for this film? I heard it about and thought it was released a few months ago because I saw a music video for it on Youtube.

    Here's the video I was talking about.

    Did they change the title also?
    I thought it was called " รัก / สาม / เศร้า " or translated as "Love/Three/sorrowfully"

    I'm definitely not feeling the "Last moment" title, it's too cheesy.

    By the way, I love your blog name: Wise Kwai. Good play on words. You are a wise buffalo. LOL. :)


  2. I've only heard about this movie in the last couple of weeks. The video looks like some rough footage.

    Gosh, this movie looks sad!

    It's not too often the literal translation of the Thai title is used, especially when the marketing wizards at GMM Tai Hub start getting involved with releasing the film.

    They probably thought the literal title was too abstract, so had to dumb it down with a generic title.

    At least it's not a goofy pun, like 4bia. Ick.

  3. The title is a play on words in Thai--รักสามเส้า rak saam sao is the normal Thai phrase for "love triangle" (saam sao refers to a three-legged stand, as in a tripod, so literally it means "love (standing on) three legs".

    The pun in the title is that they've replaced เส้า sao with the homophone เศร้า sao "sorrow, sadness".

    So "Love/Three/Sorrowfully" is an overly literal word-for-word translation anyway, since it obscures the "love triangle" meaning and kills the pun at the same time. But "Last Moment" isn't a great substitute, either.

    (Interestingly, my wife thought that this was actually the *real* spelling of the phrase. Since the word เส้า "(tripod) leg" is seldom seen, she had mentally replaced it with เศร้า "sorrow". So while it is a pun, some (many?) Thai people may not realize it, if my wife is any indication. It may even reinforce this misunderstanding. Fascinating.)


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