Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chocolate DVD release with English subtitles in Hong Kong, censored in Singapore

Chocolate will be released on DVD in Hong Kong on June 3, according to Yesasia, which has it available for pre-order.

English subtitles are listed in the specs, on Region 3, NTSC format. I'm told that you can generally trust Yesasia when it comes to details like this.

So this will be the first chance to get ahold of Jija's (or is it Jeeja?) debut in an English-friendly format.

Chocolate, meanwhile, is playing in Singapore. MovieXclusive has an article and photo gallery from a press conference by Jeeja.

And the film is reviewed at Nutshell Review. Stefan notes the film has been censored in Singapore, where it is rated NC-16 -- not a high enough classification, apparently, that the sex scene between Zen's gangster-moll mother (Olympic-torch bearer Ammara Siripong) and yakuza father (Hiroshi Abe) can be shown. All the action scenes unspool in their full glory, however. Stefan says:

Only in Singapore do you have the sex scene severely edited, which I thought was important as that's how Zen was conceived. Violence is OK, but sex is zero here.

Makes me wonder if the eventual Singapore DVD release will be censored.

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