Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jeeja hints at romance

Chocolate opened today in Singapore, and ahead of the movie's opening there, action star Yanin "Jeeja" (or is it "Jija"?) Vismitanada has been making the rounds with the local media.

In an interview with the Electric New Paper, she talked about how her tough image, plus the demands of making movies, have made it hard for her to meet guys. Here's an excerpt from the interview (cache):

That's my problem!" the 1.62m-tall Jija, who is single, joked in English. "I need to change my image and become more feminine," she added.

Jija told The New Paper that she has been so busy training for the movie in the last four years that she had no time to meet any guys.

The 24-year-old used to spend nine hours in the gym every day, training in taekwondo, Muay Thai boxing and gymnastics.

Even now, she claims she still trains nine hours a day to stay in shape.

Only on Sundays can she go out with friends or go shopping (her favourite mall is Siam Square in Bangkok).

"Sometimes I think I'm a sports girl, not an actress," she joked.

Jeeja also hints that her next movie will give her a chance to display her dramatic chops, and will have elements of romance. "It's a secret," she told the New Paper. However, Jija Yanin Fan's Board has rumors of a project to be directed by Rachain Limtakoon and possibly co-starring Dan Chupong.

The New Paper interview is quite long, and well worth reading if you're fan of Jeeja, or want some insight into the celebrity-making machine of Thai showbiz.

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  1. None of the action scenes suffered edits, but how Zen was conceived, was!

    *shakes head in disbelief*

  2. NC-16 can't show sex? I'm shocked! Nice review, by the way.

  3. Thanks! :D

    Yup... I thought it won't get cut, but I was wrong... what's left was enough of a teaser to know what's going on, but the bulk of it ended up on the editing room floor.

    Guess it's M18 to be allowed a sex scene, complete.

  4. wow~ this movie is really the best~ action movie i've ever watch... i think it would be a great honor to be one of the extras of her upcoming more action movies..

  5. wow! she have a very good fighting skill.


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