Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tiger Blade, Vengeance are the first Thai Blu-ray titles

I have been awaiting word of the first Thai films to go to Blu-ray, and they come from unexpected quarters -- Mono Film's B-movie fantasy-actioners, The Tiger Blade and Vengeance.

Both are available for pre-order from HK Flix, and Amazon has just Tiger Blade for now.

I have not yet delved into Blu-ray personally. Now that the HD-DVD vs Blu-ray format war is over, I know what direction to head, but may wait a bit more for the prices of players to level off again.

I had expected the first Blu-ray action to come from the Weinsteins' Dragon Dynasty line, but I'll take The Tiger Blade. The tagline alone wins me over: "When kick ass cops can’t get the job done, bring in the kick ass magic!" Plus, I gotta love the box blurb, "pure guilty pleasure" from Twitch's own Todd Brown.

Vengeance, also on regular DVD, is a bungle in the jungle, with killer bees, ravenous geckoes, life-sucking sirens, a giant snake and scarier monsters.

(Thanks Logboy!)

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