Thursday, March 12, 2009

4Bia, Art of the Devil 3 in Danger After Dark at Philly fest

Five Star's Art of the Devil 3 and GTH's four-part horror omnibus 4Bia will be featured in the Danger After Dark horror program put together by TLA Entertainment at the Philadephia Film Festival and Cinefest .

Here's the synopsis for Art of the Devil 3, also called Llong Kong 2, but confusingly it is a prequel to Art of the Devil 2:

If you are new to the franchise, don’t dismiss AOTD3 as “torture porn,” because wrapped around the twisted imagery is a strong, cautionary tale of the consequences of revenge. Panor [Napakpapha Nakprasitte] is a stunningly beautiful teacher who has men clamoring for her affection. So obsessed are these suitors that they have resorted to love spells and magic potions to win her affection. Panor must turn to witchcraft to protective herself, and when she kills a high priest of the Devil to glean his powers, the vengeful dark evil begins to consume her life by ripping limbs, mutilating faces (safety pins being shoved through eyelid is just one of the highlights) and creating an orgy of bloody tragedy all around her. More shocking and violent than its predecessors, AOTD3’s seven filmmakers (Ronin Team) succeed in satiating gorehounds’ needs -- but don’t be surprised if you shut your eyes in terror at least once.

And the synopsis for 4Bia:

4bia (a play on the word “phobia”) signals a departure from ghostly Thai films by presenting suspenseful, cautionary stories about violent retribution and aggressive karmic payback. In Happiness, a young woman begins to receive mysterious texts, while Tit for Tat is a shockingly bloody tale involving black magic and teens. In the Middle chills the funny bone when a camping trip goes awry and Last Fright thrusts you onboard a flight from hell in which a flight attendant must travel with a mysterious cadaver. Directors Pisanthanakun, Purikitpanya and Wongpoom are no strangers to the horror genre, having previously delivered blood drenched flicks like Shutter and Alone and Body. The real surprise is romantic comedy director Thongkonthun (Iron Ladies), whose Happiness segment relishes in genuine creepy intelligence, ominous dread with very little dialogue and a horrific climax. Make no mistake, these directors relish in scaring their audience beyond loud sound effects and fans are taking note: the film has won several audience awards for its heart-pounding thrills and visual mayhem.

The Philadelphia Film Festival-Cinefest '09 runs from March 26 to April 6.

(Thanks Peter! Also via Fangoria)

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