Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poj Arnon's gay teen soccer comedy explodes with color

When the garishly colored posters for Poj Arnon's gay teen soccer comedy, Taew Te Teen Rabert started appearing in cinemas a week or so ago, I wanted to tear my eyes out.

Now, with fluorescent-hued raybeams dazzling my burned-out sockets, I bring them to you.

It's all totally within the spirit of this, uh, film.

I saw the trailer at the press preview of Best of Times and am still dreading its appearance in the usual places on YouTube. It's only a matter of time. The movie appears to offer everything anyone could ever want and more from a Thai gay teen soccer comedy, including shrieking, mincing transvestites, boys kissing boys and even girls kissing girls.

Taew Te Teen Rabert (แต๋วเตะตีนระเบิด), as Bangkok of the Mind explains, is loosely translated as "gays with exploding feet" -- the transliterated teen in the title referring not to teenagers but to the Thai slang word for feet.

It's due for release in Thai cinemas on April 2.

(Via Deknang/Popcornmag)


  1. That last poster makes it appear that that young ladyboys like to dress as gothic Lolitas. It's as if Poj was combining Haunting Me with Kamikaze Girls.

  2. Hi,
    In your English name, Taew Nak Te Teen Rabert, you have one too many "word". It should be just "Taew Te Teen Rabert". And yes I can read Thai.

  3. Thanks Tao! I got that transliteration from another blog and wondered where that "nak" was coming from.

  4. Sorry. I spotted that myself a while ago and thought I had corrected it.

  5. From memory, the Thai name changed. While I updated the Thai name, I did not change the English transliteration. Thank you for pointing it out. I have now corrected the error.


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