Sunday, March 15, 2009

Johnny Nguyen takes a brotherly beating for Power Kids

Vietnam's Thanh Nien News caught up with action star Johnny Tri Nguyen and got his comments on Power Kids (5 Huajai Hero), which was released in Thailand on March 5. Here's an excerpt from the article:

Nguyen said at first he was fearful that the children might not be strong enough to perform all the flying kicks and somersaults in the film, “but then I realized they’re so good at martial arts.

“The children are like little Tony Jaa, [the Thai martial arts powerhouse vying to be the next Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Li].”

Highlights include a boy flying knees-first at Johnny’s head and smashing through a pane of glass.

Johnny said during the filming, he thought [director Krissanapong Rachata] was “the father and I was the brother of those kids.

Johnny's being a good sport, even though I think there must be a sense of relief that Power Kids has finally been released and is off his plate.

Better things from Johnny are on the way with the next film from The Rebel team. They're working on Monk on Fire, in which Johnny plays a villain opposite Golden Kite winner Dustin Nguyen, who's also directing. Twitch has more about Monk on Fire.

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