Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Filmart: Updates on Pen-ek, Wisit and Pang Bros.

Filmart is under way alongside the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the reports are starting to seep in.

TwitchFilm.net's Todd Brown made the rounds yesterday, and he hoped to catch a glimpse of Pen-ek Ratanaruang's new film, but Nymph continues to elude him.

He also has updates on a "surreal" mystery project by Wisit Sasanatieng that will be filmed between parts one and two of his Red Eagle films -- good to hear there will be two parts after all, and another project as a bonus.

Also, Slice, the crime thriller penned by Wisit for Muay Thai Chaiya and Art of the Devil 2 and 3 director Kongkiat Komsiri has started filming.

Read his whole report.

Also from Hong Kong, there's more on the Pang Bros.' third sequel in The Eye franchise -- The Child's Eye, which is planned to be the first Asian digital 3-D horror film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Here's more:

The Child’s Eye in 3D tells the story of six stranded Hong Kong travelers during the shutdown of the Bangkok airport in the November 2008 anti-government protest and their supernatural encounters after the disappearance of three in the group.

The showpiece of the film will be an underworld made up of paper replica houses, filled with paper dolls and paper cars -- a city formed by all the paper-made facsimile of the real world burnt and offered to the deceased in the traditional Chinese ancestor worship ritual. The twins also will be introducing a monster in the film.

“The way to handle a monster is the same as creating spooky and suspenseful atmosphere, so it’s something we want to try in this film,” Oxide Pang said.

Yes! A thriller that cashes in on the current 3-D trend and is ripped from recent headlines.

It begins filming in Thailand in June.

Meanwhile, there are market screenings for Thai films at HAF. Among them is Happy Birthday from motif+ (formerly Mono Film), Super Hap from Avant, and Five Star is showing Before Valentine and Soul's Code.

Making its Asian Premiere, Uruphong Raksasad's Agrarian Uptopia is the only Thai film featured at this year's HKIFF, and it's getting a market screening as well. It's produced by Pimpaka Towira and Mai Meksawan of Extra Virgin.

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  1. "Yes! A thriller that cashes in on the current 3-D trend and is ripped from recent headlines."

    Is this sarcasm I'm detecting?

    I'm actually working on several treatments that I expect to make me rich and/or famous:

    Ghost Parliament: In a wacky election gone awry, a ghost gets elected to Thailand's House of Representatives. Hijinx ensue as members debate the appropriateness of letting the spirit take office, but ultimately allow it, stating that at least he has a soul. Special cameo by George Clinton.

    Spirit Prison: In this screwball thriller, a mixture of Thai and foreign inmates are surprised to find that the penitentiary they've been sentenced to is staffed entirely by otherworldly entities! If you can't get enough bug-eyed screaming and people bumping into each other in the dark, then don't miss it!

    Apparition Physician: Somsak is in the top of his class at school, is very popular with the ladies, and dreams of finally completing his medical degree. There's only one hitch: he's no longer living! Killed in a freak accident with an electric mosquito bat, he isn't about to let death get in the way of his dreams. Join him in his journey from specter to doctor.

    These will all be in 3D, of course.


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