Thursday, March 19, 2009

On DVD in Singapore: Ghost House (Memory Rak Lon)

With Mai Charoenpura chopping things up in Meat Grinder, opening in Thai cinemas today, the timing seems right to mention the English-friendly DVD release of the actress' previous vehicle, Memory, also Memory Rak Lon or เมมโมรี่ รักหลอน, roughly "memory: haunted love").

When it was released in Malaysian and Singaporean cinemas last August and September, it got another title: Ghost House.

Busy actor Ananda Everingham co-stars in this twisty thriller. He plays a criminal psychologist who's put on the case of a possibly abusive mother (Mai) and her little girl. The girl says she's haunted by the spirit of a little boy, but the shrink, who's having trouble at home, starts falling for the mother and her womanly charms.

Torphong Tankamhaeng directed this drama, which is a mix of psychological thriller and bump-in-the-night ghost mystery.

The fiery Mai was nominated for a Suphanahongsa Award for her effort, as was her young co-star, Sun Khumpirannon. Don't click that awards link if you don't want to know the nature of the twist.

Yahoo! Singapore Movies has reviews.

The DVD with English subtitles is at MovieXclusive.

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