Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More snakebites from the set of The Intruder

"Golf" Akara Amarttayakul is an experienced leading man, and having dealt with snakes before on 2001's Mae Bia, he figured he'd have no trouble on The Intruder (เขี้ยว อาฆาต, Kieow Akaat), a serpentine thriller that's in production by Phranakorn Film.

But the big cobra he was handling had other ideas.

Bangkok of the Mind has more:

We were filming in a deserted hospital. I was wrestling with the snake as if to get him off me. When I fell to the ground, the snake came out of my hand.

"Rehearsals were fine, but during filming, as I landed on its tail, it turned around and bit me. They took me to hospital just in case venom entered my system," he said.

The scene is going to make a heck of a great DVD extra or might even make its way into the film, because cameras were rolling.

What's amazing, Bangkok of the Mind reports, is that the cobra had been milked of its venom, was defanged, had its mouth stitched up and yet still managed to bite Golf. Update: There's speculation that it was a staged stunt for the media, who had been invited for a set visit.

The incident follows an earlier snakebite case in which a young supporting actor named BellBell was chomped on.

The Intruder is being produced by Poj Arnon and it's a pair of young filmmakers who are directing: "James" Thanadol Nualsuth and "Ping" Thammanoon Sakulbunthanom. They previously served as assistant directors on Poj's transvestite-ghost comedy Hor Taew Taek and the gay-teen soccer comedy Sassy Players.

Although interest in The Intruder perked up after Deknang posted five eye-catching posters over the weekend, it was actually last month that 24 Frames Per Second dug up a synopsis:

In 1983 before the giant Suvarnabhumi International Airport was built, the neglected and unoccupied area was called King Cobra Swamp by the locals. As building commenced, a huge old banyan tree blocked the constructions path. A work crew call in a mechanical digger to remove the tree. As the roots are torn from the ground thousands of cobra bones explode from the earth tearing them to pieces. After the passing of the grim massacre, witnesses who survived tell strange stories about and evil cobra spirit. Years later when a new apartment block was built on the ground, Nin, the building's owner has to face the horrifying matter when hundreds of cobras hell bent on killing every living person in the apartment appear. People believe that again it is the vengeance of the spirit. How will they survive, when being hunted by vengeance without mercy?

Well, hopefully it won't be as grim as all that.

(Thanks to Deknang and Bkkdreamer)

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