Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thai trailer for The Sanctuary

A recent post at Twitch reminded me just how long Thanapon Maliwan's upcoming archaelogical martial-arts action adventure The Sanctuary has been kicking around.

It started life in 2006 as Dead End, was abandoned when financing plans fell through. Star Mike B. took a detour with the Malaysian-Thai co-production Brave in 2007.

But eventually they got back to work, and unearthed the Dead End footage and reworked it into the story for The Sanctuary.

Now the Thai trailer for The Sanctuary (Sam Pan Bohk, สามพันโบก) has been released as the film veers closer to its October 8 opening. It's embedded below. The footage of a fall from a precarious stack of junked cars is from the Dead End reels. I remember that vividly, because it made me go "wow".

The Sanctuary stars Mike B. as an ancestor of an ancient race of warrior palace guards, sworn to protect a royal treasure. Russell Wong plays an ex-military guy hired to steal the booty, with "May" Pathawarin Timkul getting into bustier-busting action as an assassin. "Sine" Intira Jaroenpura is an archaelogist heroine. Gary Daniels, Rapeepan Bootthong and Dean Alexandrou are also featured.

Deknang now has it's page up with lots of information and photos.

(Via Twitch, Kung Fu Cinema)

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