Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vanquisher is coming on November 5

A teaser trailer for Sahamongkol's long-in-the-works female action vehicle Vanquisher (Suay ... Samurai, สวย ... ซามูไร) has appeared online, with the requisite amount of cleavage and tight catsuits, plus explosions, wire-fu kicks and swords.

The trailer is embedded below.

Directed by Manop Udomdej and starring Sophita Sribanchean, it's now set to open in Thai cinemas on November 5.


  1. dammit!

    I was expecting more:/
    Movie doesn't look like it has a strong storyline, looks like another betyral movie. Too much weak SFX. Some nice moves though.

    I just hope this movie will be good:/ Because I thought it was a superhero movie.

    Now 3 ninja movies to look out for!

  2. Yep... the effects DO look pretty sad... :(

    ..... but.... there are days my petite lil' self aches to want to get all "kick box-y" and "kung fu-y" too and do that whole "tough girl" thing. These goofy films just speak to my "inner heroine"...... So, will I want to see this one anyway?

    Yeah.... probably. (I'm such a lil' dweeb for this sort of cheesy stuff....)


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