Saturday, September 5, 2009

Noodle Boxer director planning a romantic comedy

Here's a follow-up on the formation of the new studio M39, put together by a splinter group of former filmmakers and crew from RS Film's Avant production house who have hooked up with Major Cineplex's M Pictures Entertainment.

Among that group is director Rerkchai Paungpetch, who was behind the hit comedy Noodle Boxer (Saeb Sanid sid Sai Nah, แสบสนิท ศิษย์ส่ายหน้า) as well as Dumber Heroes and Ponglang Amazing Theatre. His first project for M39 will be a romantic comedy called 32 Thunwa (32 December). Daily Xpress recently had more about the project:

[F]ilmmaker Rerkchai Paungpetch has always relied on the services of fellow director Phing Lumphraperng to come up with the script. For his latest project though, 32 Thunwa (32 December), Rerkchai has put pen to paper and casts "Dan" Worrawech Danuwong, Nong Cha Cha Cha [Choosak Eamsuk] and "Saipan" Apinya Sakuljaroensuk in a romantic comedy about a guy (Dan) who's suffering from partial amnesia about his involvement with three different women.

"Writing on my own has allowed me to drawn on my own experiences though that doesn't mean I am bringing my own love stories into the plot," he says.

Rerkchai also confirms that 32 Thunwa will be different from his earlier films like Dumber Heroes.

"My previous movies used comedy situations pieced together like a patchwork. This one has a more subtle story, though it's still funny."

I had forgotten that Dan starred in Noodle Boxer, which was the huge hit of 2006. But after all, Dan's early career as a singer in the D2B boyband and Dan-Beam were under RS, which owns Avant, the movie's production company. Dan's a solo artist now, on Sony, so that explains his breaking away to be featured in the upcoming Phobia 2 under GMM Grammy and now with the new project by M39.

And I'll be interested to see Saipan Apinya in another movie, under yet another company. The young Ploy actress is now on the festival circuit in the German production Same Same But Different and is due to star in the upcoming ghosts-and-katoeys gagfest Hor Taew Taek Haek Krajerng (หอ แต๋ว แตก แหก กระเจิง) for Phranakorn.

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