Sunday, September 20, 2009

Noon's new look for Number 9

"Noon" Siraphun Wattanajinda has dyed her hair an almost-white blond for her role in the suspense thriller, Number 9 or 9 Wat being produced by Oriental Eyes.

Dirtii Laundry has more on the reaction of Noon's mom to the new 'do.

The actress, whose break-out role was as a Bohemian art student and subject of unrequited love in GTH's Dear Dakanda (Peun Sanit) and followed that up with The Unseeable by Wisit Sasanatieng, was last seen playing a rural teacher opposite Princess Ubolratana in Where the Miracle Happens.

Number 9 is another film from the Miracle production company, Oriental Eyes, which has been noted previously for its participation in the Thailand Entertainment Expo and a distribution deal with Columbia Tristar Buena Vista Films (Thailand).

Here's the synopsis for the Film Catalogue:

No one can remember what they have done in the past life. The one we had hurt will never forget.

Number 9 is a horror movie about a man's journey's to make a merit in order to correct his bad karma in 9 templates within 7 days. The journey led him and his companions into series of unexpected and horrified revelations.

According to his mother's request, Nat, a young architect, unwillingly takes a journey to visit 9 different temples in order to clean up his bad karma. He is accompanied by Poon, his beauty-columnist girlfriend and Sujitto, a young monk who takes care of the Tripitaka house and is responsible for the chant to chase away the bad karma. All three characters have different purposes for taking this trip, but later on they discover that they are put together in this trip for an unforeseeable reason. A karma committed by one person could relate to karma of others. Horrifying acts done in their previous lives reveal themselves as the journey go by. The more they try to clean up Nat's bad karmas by making a merit, the closer they get to THEM. The journey has changed their faith forever. How is Nat going to clean up his own mess? Would Nat be forgiven? How can an act of making the merit overcome the relentless vengeance?

James Mackie, who had a supporting role in Best of Times, also stars.

Production is now officially under way.

(Via Dirtii Laundry)

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