Sunday, September 13, 2009

Posters, full trailer for Slice

Another highly anticipated film from Five Star Production and Muay Thai Chaiya director Kongkiat Komesiri is the bloody crime thriller Slice.

Co-scripted by Wisit Sasanatieng, it's the story of a convicted hitman named Tai ("Pe" Arak Amornsupasiri) who is sprung from prison and tasked by the police with tracking down a serial killer.

There is a definite Silence of the Lambs feel to this, with a red-silk-draped killer dispatching his (or her?) victims, who are then strung up on display or packed into a suitcase. The gore is laid on hot and heavy, although nothing less is to be expected from one of the co-directors of the Art of the Devil series.

Veteran actor Chatchai Plengpanich (Necromancer, Hitman File) also stars, donning a head of shocking white hair for a role that could very well be the best thing he's ever done. The supporting actor's supporting actor Sonthaya Chitmanee also stars. has a gallery of posters.

Slice opens in Thai cinemas on October 22. It will be interesting to see what rating it will get. Will it be the first 20+ movie released, or just 18+?

(Via Twitch, 24 Frames per Second)

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