Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boonchu 10 in 3D (just kidding)

If you're not looking too closely at the poster, you might be led to believe the latest installment in Five Star Production's long-running Boonchu teen-comedy series has joined the 3D trend, which might be a historic first for Thai cinema.

But it's all just another marketing gimmick, with the 3D action actually presented in 2D.

What do you expect from the franchise that is on its eighth instalment but is called Boonchu 10? The series skipped from Boonchu 2 to Boonchu 5 in a similar display of good-natured showbiz hucksterism.

Kiat Kitjareon, a Boonchu cast member from when the series started back in the 1980s, takes over as director for Bhandit Rittakol, the veteran helmer who died last year when this movie was in the early stages of production.

From what I can tell in the trailer (embedded below), it has the same flavor, with loads of wholesomeness and nostalgia.

The original series starred Santisuk Promsiri as a country boy who gets up to adventures after he goes to university in Bangkok, where he meets his lifelong love Mo, played by Jintara Sukapat.

When the series was rebooted in 2008 with Boonchu 9, the action shifted to a new generation, with Boonchu's son Boonchoke leaving the monkhood to go to the city to study.

Thanachat Tulayachat reprises his role in Boonchu 10 (บุญชู จะอยู่ในใจเสมอ, Boonchu 10 Ja Yoo Nai Jai Samer) as the earnest Boonchoke. He's now attending Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai, and still adjusting to life outside the temple and struggling to keep his racing hormones from running off the road.

Meanwhile, parents Boonchu, Mo and their friends come to the university to try and visit the kids, but find that Boonchoke and his friends have headed off on a camping trip to the mountains of northern Thailand.

There they all get into an adventure that involves a high-kicking hilltribe girl, played by Natthaveeranuch Thongme. The Shutter leading lady is doing her best Jeeja impression as she mows down a pack of villains with a flying double knee drop. Nice.

Boonchu 10 opens in Thai cinemas on Thursday. It's said to be the final entry in the series. But maybe that's just another gimmick?

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