Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Purple and orange clash in Color's Love

The colors may be different, but the message is clear in Color's Love (สมาน ฉัน คัลเลอร์เลิฟ, Saman Chan), a romantic-comedy-drama that opens in Thai cinemas this week.

Instead of the red and yellow of Thailand's political factions, the colors are purple and orange.

Tachapol Chumduang and Pokchut Tiemchai are a young couple from opposite sides of the "color" factions who somehow meet, fall in love, marry and have a kid. But the pressure is too much, and so they decide to divorce on Valentine’s Day, but before signing the paper, their little son has an accident and the only way he'll survive is if they stay together.

Chawana Mahittichatkul-Pawakanon directs.

The movie looks to be cashing in on the national reconciliation propaganda efforts following the government's May 19 crackdown on the red-shirt anti-government protests. The message I suppose is that people of different affiliations or "colors" can only overcome adversity if they are united.

The trailer shows there is comedy as well, despite the melodramatic premise.

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