Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh Ngao, another horror-shorts anthology

Following the success of GTH's 2008 shorts-anthology Phobia (Si Phrang or "4 intersections") (followed up with Phobia 2, (Ha Phrang, "5 intersections"), Sahamongkol Film International got in on the action with last year's Haunted Universities (Maha'lai Sayong Kwan) and Poj Arnon and Phranakorn offered Tai Hong (a.k.a. Still or more literally Die a Violent Death).

Now comes 96 Film, with a set of bad-karma horror shorts in Ngao (เงา, English title: Shadow). It's a bit confusing I think, because the posters promote three segments, but there are four stories.

Hun Suan (Partners) by Atsawin Thepkanlai is about a youthful prank gone wrong.

Taeng (Abortion) by Theeratorn Chaowanayothin, about the consquences of a college romance, should be self-explanatory.

Dai Daeng (Red Yarn) by Eakasit Sompetch looks into the folly of disbelieving supersititions. Eakasit's the director who two years ago did the fun martial-arts action short Mai Fah the Sabulakui, featured at the 12th Thai Short Film & Video Festival.

And finally there's Mae (Mother), directed by Chanachai, about a lingering evil spirit.

The trailer is at YouTube and embedded below. It opens in cinemas on Thursday.

1 comment:

  1. great!
    another nice thai horror to look out for.

    hey man!
    when will Ong Bak 3 be released in uk!?:/

    also what about 14 Beloved?


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