Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A quick and dirty teaser for Red Eagle

CGI trickery, explosions, weird weaponry, wire work and fast-paced cuts are involved in the 90-second teaser for Wisit Sasanatieng's Red Eagle, which is on YouTube. It's embedded below.

But there is at least a good look at Ananda Everingham on the move as a brooding hero who dons the red mask and tight black leather outfit to become the vigilante crimefighter, Insee Daeng (อินทรีเเดง ).

The Thai release date is penciled in for October 7, to coincide with the October 8 memorial day for actor Mitr Chaibancha, the original star of the Red Eagle series in the 1950s and '60s, who perished while filming a stunt for Insee Thong (Golden Eagle). This year marks the 40th anniversary of his passing.

But Red Eagle might still be delayed, as Film Business Asia reports:

Five Star Entertainment has warned that the timing could still slip backwards.

“It's our target date. We'll try to finish by this day but could not confirm yet due to post production with so many CGI shots. We have had a total of seven months to complete all CGI work,” a Five Star spokesman told Film Business Asia.

The effects wizards at Kantana, which is co-producing with Five Star, are likely putting in long hours to wrap things up in time.

Meanwhile, Wildgrounds somehow snagged a photo of Ananda in the mask.

(Via Five Star)


  1. Is that Batman: Dark Knight soundtrack I heard in the first part about "every city needs a hero" bit? LOL.


  2. Every movie needs a little Elfman. I think they're also quoting some of the score from Golden Eagle.

  3. looking forward to this beast!

  4. It looks very cool. Really can't wait for this film.

  5. looks awesome, and it opens on my birthday!

  6. They have a helicopter at the beginning flying off into the horizon. Wonder if it's some kind of tribute to Mitr.

  7. This film looks great. Hopefully it will get a release on dvd so I can see it. By the way, I love your blog. A real work of love. I love to put it on the blog role of my new blog

    That ok with you?

  8. Thanks for the response. I meant to respond earlier, but, well, I am sure you know how things get away.

    Out of interest, have you seen any Thai crime films recently that you would recommend I try and get hold of? I would be keen to review them for my site. I also write regularly for a number of publications, including a zine called Crime Factory, the latest issue with an article by me on two of my favourite crime films is available here:

    I lived in Thailand for several years in the late-nineties, but have not been back as often as I would like and have lost touch.


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