Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watch this: The Film Expo Asia winner, Uruphong Rakasasad's Dad's Picture

Filmmaker Uruphong Rakasasad returned to the rice paddies of his award-winning Agrarian Utopia (สวรรค์บ้านนา, Sawan Baan Na) for Dad's Picture (รูปของพ่อ ), the short film that won the $100,000 grand prize at the recent Film Expo Asia.

If you're wondering when you'll ever get to see the short, just wonder at the movie right now, because you can watch it on YouTube (also embedded above). It's posted on Film Expo Asia's YouTube channel.

The 7:59 short has a young woman (Uruphong's wife Naowares Chaonampad) returning to her home province for a visit with her father on his farm.

He's played by the long-haired, spectacles-wearing Promchoke Boonkhamton, who appeared in Agrarian Utopia as the professorial Earth Father farmer who tried to mentor the two farming families in sustainable, chemical-free agricultural practices.

As always with Uruphong's films, it's beautifully poetic and moving.

It also serves as an appetizer for Bangkok movie-goers because next Thursday, September 2, Agrarian Utopia begins a month-long limited theatrical run at SFX the Emporium as part of the Director's Screen Project.

(Via Film Expo Asia)

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