Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brown Sugar 'erotica' sounds sweet to Prachya Pinkaew

Back in 2008 Ong-Bak and Chocolate director Prachya Pinkaew and Mercury Man director Bandit Thongdee dabbled in romance, directing segments of the love omnibus 4 Romances. Now these men of action have gone a bit further with Namtam Daeng (น้ำตาลแดง, international English title: Brown Sugar), bringing together a collection of six sweet "erotica" shorts from young directors.

The producers insist it's "not pornography."

Aided by the still fairly new movie-picture ratings system that replaced the censorship regime, Prachya says it's the first time a mainstream Thai movie will offer "a real erotic experience".

It's rated 18+.

Part 1, collecting half of those stories, hits Thai cinemas tomorrow.

Zart Tancharoen directs Raktongloon (รักต้องลุ้น) about teenage lovers. It stars Nathakhun Anumatchimpalee and Chittkhon Songchan.

Panumat Deesatta directs Sopeni Bon Tiang (โสบนเตียง) about a pair of adult lovers, played by Prakasit Bosuwan and Patsawipit Son-akkarapa.

And Kittiyaporn Klangsurin directs Prattana (ปรารถนา "desire"), which has a masseuse fantasizing about a guy who works in her building. It stars Warin Yarujnon and Lakkana Wattanawongsiri.

I don't know when Part 2 with the other three shorts in this project will be released.

The trailer is a YouTube and is embedded below.

Update: I forgot to link to the recent Bangkok Post column by Mae Moo, in which Prachya explains the story behind the 10-minute masturbation scene by "Oom" Lakkana in Kittyaporn's segment.

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