Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deep in the Jungle, Coming Soon open in Malaysia

Speaking of giant snakes, Phranakorn's fantasy-action-romance Deep in the Jungle (Patiharn Rak Tang Phan, ปาฏิหาริย์รักต่างพันธุ์) has opened in Malaysia, where it's playing as Naak.

It's opened alongside GTH's multiplex horror thriller Coming Soon.

Deep in the Jungle stars Jesdaporn Pholdee as a special-forces sniper who goes rogue to protect a young woman (Ploy Jindachote) who is sought by a rival black-ops soldier (Pasin Ruengwut). Sakda Kaewbuadee stars as the woman's protective brother. The siblings are from an ancient tribe of snake gods who can live in human form. Coherent storytelling and decent special effects made Deep in the Jungle an okay effort from Phranakorn and director Teerawat Rujeenatham.

In Malaysia, reviews are starting to come in, including At the Movies with Lim Chang Moh and Cinema Online.

Coming Soon (โปรแกรมหน้า วิญญาณอาฆาต, Programme Na Winyarn Arkhad), meanwhile, hits Malaysia after theatrical runs in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The directorial debut by Shutter and Alone screenwriter Sophon Sakdapisit, it's the story of a multiplex projectionist (Chantavit Dhanasevi) who is roped into pirating a newly released horror film, and then people connected to the film and to the piracy scheme end up dead.

Lim Chang Moh has a review of Coming Soon as does Cinema Online.

I was pretty was pretty creeped out by watching the movie about a horror movie playing in the cinema, and the hanging-woman standees used to promote the fictional horror movie in the film were the same ones used in actual cinema lobbies to promote Coming Soon. After watching the movie, walking through the lobby of the darkened, getting-ready-to-close multiplex was pretty scary.

So without those hanging hair ghosts to face after the movie, I don't know how effective Coming Soon is going to be on home video or at film festivals. But we'll see. Something to Sing About has a DVD review, and Coming Soon is set for Horror Day at the Udine Far Film Festival.

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  1. Dear Wise Kwai,
    Thank you for mentioning my reviews of the two Thai movies in your blog, as well as the others. I have been following your blog for some time and it has been very informative of things Thailand.

    FYI, my reviews of Coming Soon and Naak will also be published in the New Straits Times newspapers. And no, they are nit the same as those in my blog. Cheers and all the best...

    Lim Chang Moh


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