Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Japan catches Jeeja fever

Following up on a previous post about Chocolate in Japan, star Jeeja Yanin Vismitananda has been in Japan promoting what's known as Chocolate Fighter, which opens on May 23 at the Shinjuku Picadilly.

Nippon Cinema has more:

While a lot of the PR has understandably been centered around the involvement of veteran TV and film star Hiroshi Abe in a supporting role, the film's impressive main star, "Jeeja" Yanin Vismitananda, has gotten the bulk of the attention for her rare combination of "idol looks", charisma and willingness to perform dangerous stunts.

On April 14th, a special preview screening was held at Space FS Shiodome. As is pretty typical for these things, a manzai comedy duo called Zabunguru was brought in along with the stars to offer some goofy side-entertainment. Kato came in dressed as a Muay Thai kickboxer while his partner Matsuo acted as the straight man/host as they did a little martial arts-style William Tell re-enactment.

Head on over to Nippon Cinema for many more photos, as well as details of the interesting relationship Chocolate director Prachya Pinkaew has with Fuyuhiko Nishi, director of another recent movie about a petite young woman who kicks ass, High Kick Girl (watch how adorable Rina Takeda kicks her director).

Also, if you're lucky enough to see Chocolate in Japan, you might get a set of adhesive bandages, which are being given away as a promotional item -- ideal for dressing those cuts and bruises as you try to fall off a building or get punched full-contact in the face like Jeeja and Chocolate's stuntmen did in making the movie.

Oh, one other thing: What the heck is up with Jeeja's hair? Didn't she crop and dye that Chocolate mop for her new project Du Suay Doo (stubborn, beautiful and fierce)? Maybe for the promotional tour in Japan, she's wearing a well-glued-on wig or hair extensions, just to keep up appearances for Chocolate fans?

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