Sunday, April 12, 2009

A full-on attack of Bangkok Adrenaline

Just what Bangkok needs, in this time of red-shirt protests, a tank-jacking and a state of emergency gone awry -- Westerner stuntmen, all pumped up and foaming over with anger in their own action movie.

At long last, the Westerner-led action comedy Bangkok Adrenaline has a release date in Thailand. It's coming out on May 14.

The Thai title is อะดรีนาลีน คนเดือดสาด, or Adrenaline Kon Deuat Sat, or roughly, I think, "boiling adrenaline men".

Long in development, Bangkok Adrenaline was promoted with cast appearances at the 2007 Bangkok International Film Festival.

Produced by Motion Pictures, directed by Ray Hubert and action choreography by Ron Smoorenburg, Bangkok Andrenaline stars Daniel O'Neill, along with "Pu" Priya Suandokmai, Conan Stevens, Dom Hetrakul, Lex De Groot and Geoffrey Guiliano.

Here's the synopsis:

Fresh off the plane in Thailand, four Western backpackers find themselves in a card game they can not win. Owing bad-ass local gangsters a million baht they don't have, their dream vacation has taken an unplanned turn.

Desperate to save themselves, they concoct a plan to kidnap a beautiful heiress and hold her for ransom. The zeros become heroes in this martial arts extravaganza when they accidently save the heiress from her father's murderous intent.

Dad gets mad and unleashes his army of hitmen in a last ditch attempt to fulfill his twisted ambition.

But the boys aren't going to go down easy. Shot entirely in Thailand, blood pumps and fists fly in the action comedy Bangkok Adrenaline.

According to Conan, the trailer (also in English) is playing ahead of screenings for Fast & Furious, with the idea that people who watch Vin Diesel grumble his way through the fourth film in the car-racing franchise will also want to watch foreigner stuntmen go tear-assing around Bangkok.

The English-language movie has been dubbed in Thai, but hopefully distributor Box Office Entertainment will run the original soundtrack in some cinemas, at least in central Bangkok.

That is if there is still a Bangkok left come May 14.

Update: More details at Kung Fu Cinema.

(Via Conan Stevens; poster via Nangdee)


  1. Hi Wisekwai,
    Nice article but not 100% correct,

    director: Raimund Huber
    Action Choreography: Daniel Oneill, Pangrit sangcha, Ron Smoorenburg

    To 99% their want be any screening in original soundtrack, only Thai version

    Thanks A lot
    Movie Lover

  2. Cant wait to see it. I am following this movie for 2 years now. I though it never would be released. Im a big fan of Daniel Oneill since I saw the teaser 1 year ago. Hiroda, Jap


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