Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Queens of Langkasuka and Ananda in Malaysia

The pirates and their big guns are heading for Malaysia, where Nonzee Nimibutr's lavish historical epic Queens of Langkasuka opens this week.

Set 400 years ago, the costumed action-drama film tells the story of how the first Queen of Langkasuka, Princess Hijau (Jarunee Suksawat), and her equally tough sisters, Biru and Ungu, protect their rich kingdom from traitors, pirates and other enemies. However, when their plan to acquire a huge cannon backfires, the three women find themselves in a difficult situation when the weapon falls into the hands of vicious pirates.

The all-star cast includes Sorapong Chatree, Dan Chupong and Ananda Everingham.

Promoting the release, Ananda was in Kuala Lumpur, where he spoke with the New Straits Times. He talks about being bitten with the action bug during the making of this film (cache):

His interest in action movies began after being involved in Thailand’s RM20 million budget film, Queens of Langkasuka ... play[ing] sea gypsy Pari, who can communicate with sea creatures.

While the role did not require him to do extreme stunts, he was, however, involved in several combat scenes with the bad guys.

“That was a start. There was no stand-in. I did everything on my own.”

The bruises and scratches received did not deter him from accepting more action roles.

“Pari is different from my previous roles. Playing an action role is exciting and I enjoyed every moment.”

Ananda is still nursing a broken foot after a motorcycle wreck in November, but is still hoping to get started on Wisit Sasanatieng's Red Eagle.

Queens of Langkasuka, meanwhile, is also playing at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

It will be interesting to see what kind of reception it gets in Malaysia, however, as it deals with a chapter of history that is not necessarily Thai, but Malay -- all Malay, in fact, according to a post awhile back by Anak Wayang.

And, the release in Malaysia bodes well for an eventual DVD with English subtitles.

(Via Bangkok 1080)

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