Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aranya Namwong graces Sri Sala cinema

Actress Aranya Namwong is the latest celebrity to make impressions in the slab at the Sri Sala cinema at the National Film Archive in Salaya, Nakhon Pathom.

It's a messy, undignified process, crouching down over a square of wet concrete, and then muddying up your hands in front of a crowd. But on Saturday, Aranya handled the task with a dignity and grace that is so far unparalleled. For her foot impressions, she chose to leave her high heels on, dipping her soles into the cement while daintily perching on a chair. She then reclined like the Buddha to make her autograph, smiling the whole time.

The star of dozens and dozens of films in the 1970s, Aranya was the runner-up for Miss Thailand in 1964, the year the winning Miss Thailand, Apasra Hongsakula, became the first Thai to win the Miss Universe crown. Aranya is married to Setha Sirichaya, an actor and singer of the legendary Thai rock band of the 1970s, The Impossibles.

On Saturday at the National Film Archive, a reel of her clips was shown and she then gave a talk for close to an hour before departing, leaving fans to watch her in the 1971 musical comedy, Wiwa Pa Fan, in which she co-starred with Sombat Metanee.

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