Saturday, July 26, 2008

Soi Cowboy reviewed in India

I've not heard much about Soi Cowboy since it premiered in the Un Certain Regard program at the Cannes Film Festival back in May.

Produced by DeWarrenne Pictures and directed by Thomas Clay, the Anglo-Thai production garnered mixed reviews for its bifurcated structure -- similar to Apichatpong Weerasethakul's films -- with the first half in black and white and the second half in color. The first half is about a western man and his pregnant Thai prostitute girlfriend, and the couple's strained relationship. The second half casts the same characters in different roles in a crime drama. The film has also been compared to the works of David Lynch.

A new review has turned up at an Indian site, Passion for Cinema, where the writer reviewed a screener DVD. Here's the summation:

Thomas Clay’s Soi Cowboy dilutes and rejects the conventional narrative and straightforward realism. It does not delve in a simplistic causality and neither uses the term of ‘beginning’ or ‘end’. The protagonists and personages exist and act with complete uncertainty like they would do in real life. There are no simple explanations given to us or any formulae of logic. The ‘pseudo realism’ of commercial cinema is left aside for poetic interpretation and modern visual art. Soi Cowboy destroys the hegemony of the plot and the linear narrative structure.

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