Thursday, July 10, 2008

BFI's Syndromes DVD 'pleasingly rich'

DVD Times has reviewed the British Film Institute's release of Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Syndromes and a Century.

They report that the English subtitles are removable, which makes the BFI release preferable to the bare-bones Strand Releasing offering from earlier this year, which has intrusive burned-in subs that must be for the vision impaired.

The "pleasingly rich" extras on the BFI disc include a 22-page booklet with articles, complete credits and production stills, the trailer and Apichatpong's 2005 40-minute short film Worldly Desires. There's also a 15-minute interview the director, in which he discusses the film's influences and he spells out the Mozart connection, because the film was commissioned as part of the New Crowned Hope Festival in 2006 celebration of the Mozart's 250th birth anniversary.

For a full review of the feature and breakdown of the specs, head on over to DVD Times.

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  1. Original aspect ratio and removable subtitles - this is great news.

  2. Handy terminology I've picked up courtesy of the interwebs:

    soft subtitles = for the removeable, selectable kind (how it should be done on DVDs)

    hard subtitles = recorded irremovably on top of the video (how it's done on VCDs and how it shouldn't be done on DVDs)

    My only gripe about the Thai Film Foundation DVDs, for example, is that they have hard subs.

    Glad to hear SAAS is getting quality treatment.


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