Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mum Jokmok produces a mad-dog movie

Funnyman Mum Jokmok puts on his Bang Fai Productions producer's hat for the latest Thai comedy, Woh Mah Ba Maha Sanook (ว้อ หมาบ้ามหาสนุก), which is about a clever canine getting the best of a bunch of scared villagers. With the usual crew of Thai comedians present, it's another Thai horror comedy. The director is Bunjong Sinthanamongkolkul, who served as an assistant on Mum's 2005 directorial effort, Yam Yasothon. Several of the cast members from Yam Yasothon are also present.

Movieseer offers the synopsis:

In one of the most uncivilized villages where most of the people prefer petting strange animals than having a regular dog since rabies was an epidemic in the neighborhood before. The result of rabies is the cleanout of the dog population. The village also undergoes the drought problem, while the grass is greener in the neighboring town.

On one day, an unexpected thing happens. One of the villagers is terribly bitten by an unknown creature. Everyone tries to search for the answer until the only scholar in the village concludes that a rabid dog bit the victim to dead. Chok, the only dog in the village, becomes the number one suspect. He usually lives in a temple and is very smart.

With fear of getting bit by Chok, all villagers figure the weirdest way possible to protect themselves from him and at the same time want to get rid of Chok for good. When the mentality of dog and human crashes…we’ll find out who is the best in this mind game.

The trailer, embedded below from YouTube, actually had me laughing, even with its recycled Kung Fu Hustle gags. Though I'm ashamed to admit it, for some reason I found the sight of Monrak Transistor's Ampon Rattanawong using a stick to beat Note Cheryim until he's spitting up blood hilarious.

Woh Mah Ba Maha Sanook opens in Thai cinemas on Thursday.

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